The Natural Edge Story

David Robinson is one of the premier builders of rustic gazebos and landscape work in the country. He founded Natural Edge in 1986, after six years as field supervisor for restoration in Central Park, New York. His unique way of working with cedar and osage orange logs has won him national acclaim. His staff includes craftsmen who have worked alongside Robinson for 15 to 25 years. 

While working on the reconstruction of the many rustic structures that were in the original Olmsted and Vaux design for Central Park, Robinson came to appreciate the charm and beauty of these structures. He saw that the warmth and character of the rustic work gave people a feeling of pleasure and often triggered memories of places from their past.

With that in mind, Robinson and his crew design and build rustic architecture and furniture that captures a sense of home. The work seems to have grown up on its own to shelter and bring peace and refuge.

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